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Many high achievers reach a point in their career where progression suddenly stagnates. The reason for this stalled development varies from executive to executive; perhaps your commitments have spread you too thin. Perhaps you’re unsure how to progress in your career. Or perhaps you are at the risk of burnout and unable to muster the same passion that pushed you ahead in this career path in the first place. And with our Executive Coaching Strategy, you can overcome these difficulties and work your way towards the career you deserve. Whether you’re looking for tech executive coaching or finance executive coaching, we enable you to attain your best career trajectory.

Why Do You Need Our Executive Leadership Coaching?

• As an executive in the financial or technology industries, you’ve already amassed a wealth of industry-based knowledge. You’ve managed a team of people. You’ve got a few successes that give you credibility in the industry. And now you want to move forward. Take on a role with greater responsibility, greater pay and greater self-fulfilment. You may even envision yourself as a captain of industry, marketing the finest technological solutions on the market or setting yourself up as a financial adviser. And you find yourself met with so many barriers…

• When we work our way through a career, we often keep a mindset that we’re not going to stay in this role forever, holding out for the right opening… which never comes. You may have been passed over for someone with supposedly more experience. Maybe you need to demonstrate a certain set of skills to be considered worthy. Or perhaps your higher-ups are content for you to stay in your current position.

• You may want to start your own business, take all your hard-gained expertise and showcase your vision to the finance or technology industry. And you may not have built up the skills required to run your business. No one has taken the time to give you tech executive training or finance executive training. Add in the pressure of starting a business in an unstable economy where everyone is competing for their moment in the sun, and that dream of showcasing your brand stays a dream.

• If you decide on progression, office politics are an fact of life of any workplace. There’s always pressure to present a certain image, which conflicts with your aspirations. The roles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and any C-suite role are highly coveted and people will fight for them, often with less integrity than you. This can be especially difficult if you’re building professional relationships with different departments while hoping to be seen as a leader one day. Navigating these treacherous waters with resilience is vital.

• Anxiety is another barrier. No matter what sector you’re working in or what level you’re working at, anxiety grips us all and hinders our ability to progress. Executives are no exception to it, and if anything, are more likely to be impacted it. Performance anxiety can be one of the most harmful sensations to go through. For example, if you’re working as a financial executive – a job that typically requires high levels of precision – and you’re charged with the task of investing capital, monitoring transactions, you may feel overly conscious of how accurate your reports will be and all too aware of the consequences of human error.

• Imagine you’re a tech executive pitching to a group of investors an innovative way to revolutionize their use of technology via the services you provide. Perhaps you are providing them with a product you are handling or maybe you are offering them an infrastructure. You find yourself wondering how to best sell yourself. There’s an added vulnerability that comes with a public presentation. You’re laying yourself bare, letting others people see you. And perhaps a subconscious side of you is wondering whether your audience is looking for anything that could trip you up.

• Unfortunately, anxiety support for executives is not widely available in the workplace. And as a leader responsible for managing a team of people, you may feel pressured to keep up a certain image as someone who can handle themselves. You may also worry that disclosing your anxiety will close off any opportunities for progression and condemn you to the rut you feel you’re in now.

• You may have resigned yourself to a career of unfulfilled ambitions in a role that doesn’t utilize your full potential. The stress, lack of opportunities, stagnated skillset, this pressure can build up over time and career burnout is all but guaranteed. That is where we come in.

What our London Based Executive Coaching Does for You

FinTeXec Executive Coaching provides 1:1 finance executive coaching based on your specific needs. We have built up a backlog of satisfied clients who had ambitions they thought were beyond their reach, much like yourself. We were able to provide a platform based on their needs and helped them to remove internal barriers such as self-doubt and built up their skillset in the required fields of finance, banking and investment. Those ambitions have since been fulfilled and our clients now have the careers they always dreamed about. Work with us and you can reap those same benefits. Our deep-seated psychological approach can ensure that you identify deeper motivations and help you understand what you need to succeed.

Key Benefits:

Solid Confidence – If you’re going to take on a leadership role, you will require certain skills expertise to take that professional leap. And you may not know what it is you need. However, our support helps you identify and implement what you need.
Staying Ahead of the Competition – Everyone is looking to get ahead in the fin/tech industries. Our support programme will equip you with the necessary knowledge to understand how to make the industry work to your advantage and how to navigate any competitors you have to face, both internal and external.
Building Strong Connections – To thrive in a leadership role, you will need to build connections to influential figures in the financial and tech industries that you can work alongside to help your business grow and help you blossom into the captain of industry you have the capacity to be.
Crystal Clarity – We always think we know what we want. And sometimes, it takes an outside opinion to highlight those subconscious needs we never recognized beforehand. Our coaching strategies can bring hidden needs and wants to light to help you craft a more rounded progression plan.
Emotional Self-fulfilment – Our coaching doesn't just set you on the path that builds your skillset. It helps you find a role that helps you to enjoy your work again and remember why you wanted to pursue such a career in the first place.
Optimal Mindset – Business leaders struggling to progress forward often find themselves afflicted with mental ailments such as anxiety, insomnia and depression, making it impossible to take any pride in the work you do. Our Anxiety Help For Executives Programme equips you to deal with those bouts of anxiety when they arise. We can also help you attain that much-needed work-life balance without the risk of it negatively impacting your mental health. Based on your own individual needs, we can tailor a support plan that will help you to identify early warning signs and nip them in the bud immediately.

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Ronal Shah, MBA

Senior Executive Coach

Ronal is fully dedicated to powering you forward to achieving your ambitious goals. Prior to coaching, Ronal was General Manager at a mid sized insurer and Head of Equity Derivatives at a large structuring desk. Born in London, he has lived and worked all over the world, including Japan, Netherlands and the US. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA Economics from Cambridge University.

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